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To make the most of your gaming experience, you need to fine-tune your system’s resources and other settings. Wise Game Booster allows you to perform all of those operations in just one click. Alternatively, this free game booster allows you to customize your system’s performance according to your preferences, thus balancing your PC’s resources with your need for speed and stability.

This free tool has been designed to take as little time as possible off your gaming session. The program opens on the “My Games” tab, where you can add and organize all your games, so that you don’t waste your precious time looking for the right file or icon amongst all the apps on your desktop. On that same tab, you will find an “Optimize All” button that will fix all of those issues susceptible of slowing down your game.

The program checks three clearly-defined areas – your System (in terms of stability and speed, mainly), your Processes (ending irrelevant programs), and your Services (closing down those that may allocate more system resources to your gameplay without interfering with your system’s performance). Each of them has been assigned its own optimization processes and a tab, which you can visit to apply custom settings to specific issues, especially when it comes to which processes and services can be ended or are best kept running. The program will help you by suggesting which action to take with every service and process currently running on your system, providing you with information about the memory and CPU usage of every process and the developer of the various services.

Wise Game Booster is all you need to make the most of your system’s resources in order to boost up your gaming experience in a snap. This is a free tool that’s worth trying – once you do, chances are that it won’t leave your desktop.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple yet effective functionality
  • Includes a useful game manager
  • Boosts your system's stability and performance speed in just one click
  • Customizable optimization features


  • No real drawbacks detected during the review
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